Fireplace cleaning, chimney repair, Level 2 video inspections, gas fireplace conversion and much more.

Every Cleaning Includes

Chimney Cleaning in Eagan, Minnesota

Not Your Average Sweep

We clean fireplaces using the latest in rotary air blast technology to remove creosote and other combustible buildups.

Level 2 Chimney Inspection in Woodbury, Minnesota

Inspection 360°

We utilize state-of-the-art software to conduct visual and video inspections of every chimney we service.

Chimney Inspection in Bloomington, Minnesota

Level 2 Reporting

We provide comprehensive inspection reports that follow Minnesota residential building codes and NFPA Section 211.

Additional Services We Provide

Chimney Cap, Cover and Crown Replacement

Chimney Cap, Cover and Crown Replacement

We install and replace important exterior parts such as chimney caps, covers and crowns to protect against severe weather, debris buildup and animal nesting.

Chimney Relining

Chimney Relining  and Repair

We provide chimney relining and repair services that will extend the lifespan of your chimney and reduce the risk of a house fire.

Masonry Repairs in Mendota Heights, Minnesota

Masonry Repairs and Installation

We offer masonry services ranging from tuckpointing and brick spalling repair to firebox installation and full chimney stack rebuilds.

Real Estate Chimney and Fireplace Inspections in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Real Estate Transactions

We conduct comprehensive Level 2 inspections specifically for real estate agents, buyers and sellers.

Gas Fireplace Inspection Maplewood

Gas Fireplace Inspection

We inspect and repair gas fireplaces to ensure there are no defects or safety concerns.

Gas Fireplace Installation Eagan

Gas Fireplace Conversion

We convert fireplaces to gas, which provide beautiful ambience, hassle free warmth and significant energy savings.

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Questions & Answers

Why do I need a chimney cleaning and inspection?

Each time a homeowner uses their fireplace to burn firewood, a highly combustible residue called creosote builds up along chimney walls. If not properly cleaned, creosote will compound over time and become a major fire hazard in your home. In fact, uncleaned chimneys are the leading cause of home structure fires. Regular cleanings, commonly referred to as sweeps, along with detailed inspections, will remove creosote buildup and help aid in the prevention of potential future chimney fire damage and significant repair costs.

How often should I get my chimney cleaned and inspected?

According to local fire safety officials, homeowners are urged to have annual sweeps and inspections conducted on their chimneys and fireplaces. Fire safety officials tend to take a “better safe than sorry” attitude when it comes to maintaining any sort of fire or heating system. Even if you rarely use your fireplace, the National Fire Protection Association recommends annual inspections in order to ensure that chimney structure remains sound and free of debris and/or animal nesting.

What does a chimney sweep and inspection include?

While every company is different, Twin Cities Chimney Sweeps uses top of the line equipment, highly trained technicians who are fully insured, and state-of-the-art cameras for each cleaning and inspection. Our technicians will complete a full sweep of your chimney from top to bottom, removing all creosote buildup inside your chimney. This will be followed by a Level 2 Inspection, which includes the use of a high-resolution camera to conduct a visual examination of your chimney’s interior flue liner, looking for water leaks, obstructions or any other potentially hazardous issues. Lastly, our technicians will inspect the chimney’s exterior structure and associated parts to ensure there are no broken or missing crowns, bricks or mortar joints.

When is the best time to get my chimney cleaned and inspected?

April through September are optimal times for homeowners to have their chimney swept and inspected. This will provide you with more flexibility in setting appointment times and, if necessary, also makes scheduling additional repair work much easier. Wintertime repairs, especially masonry work, can require above freezing temperatures to be completed. By planning ahead and having your chimney cleaned and inspected in the late spring or early summer time, you can enjoy having piece of mind knowing your fireplace will be ready for use during the long winter season.

How much does a chimney cleaning and inspection cost?

While most companies charge upwards of $400 or more for a full cleaning and Level 2 Inspection, Twin Cities Chimney Sweeps offers a complete, no-hassle chimney sweep and Level 2 Inspection for a simple flat rate. Because our company is a small, family-owned and operated business that maintains low overhead, we can pass these great savings on to homeowners.

How long does a chimney cleaning and inspection take?

On average, a full chimney sweep and Level 2 Inspection will take approximately two hours to complete. We limit the number of service calls our technicians handle on a daily basis to ensure that each homeowner receives the best possible chimney sweep and inspection. At the conclusion of each cleaning and inspection, our technicians will provide you with the results of a 36-point safety checklist at no additional cost or obligation.

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